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OY-L Skincare Collection

We take a stand for women’s skin.

“Before my daughter became ill I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on skin care products and had never once looked at the label.” – Andrea Pierce-Naymon, Founder OY-L Skincare


OY-L is committed to our promise “beauty without secrets.” Whenever possible we use sustainable packaging options. All of our glass containers are ready to recycle after use if you cannot find another use for them.


We test EVERY product on family, friends and employees. Never on animals.

Jar of OY-L  face cream 1oz  Jar Open with flower
Two Jars of OY-l  Body Butter 3.2oz jar Lavender and Pink grapefruit
OY-L Hydrating FAce Mist Bottle 4oz
OY-L Manuka Honey Face wash botle 4oz
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