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Josh Rosebrook Paddle Hair Brush

$2999 $3400

These hair brushes are all-natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and sourced from 100% FSCĀ® certified Ash Wood from France with Hornbeam wood pins. The pins are designed to massage and gently stimulate the scalp without damaging follicles. The length of the pins are designed to penetrate and support all hair types and textures. The pins absorb oil while the hornbeam wood works like a sponge to absorb excess sebum. Brush pads are made from the CaucciĆ¹ plant and collected from its bark to prevent harm. Unlike synthetic rubber, it is anti-static for a much better user experience.

Our wide paddle hair brush comesĀ in a lightweight, 100% certified organic, carbon neutral cotton pouch.