Orgaid Organic Face Oil - Amaranth Squalene 1oz


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For Extra Hydration...
Use our Organic Face Oil as your last skincare step to lock in all moisture into your skin. It also makes your skin smoother!

For The Best Results...
Apply AM and PM with your desired amount of
drops for a smoother complexion. We love pairing
this with our Youth Serum!

Key Ingredient:
C02 Amaranth Seed Extract Amaranth Seed aka "Super Grain" , has a balance of amino acids in which 20% of the total is protein that boosts an ideal rate of nutrition compared to other grains. Amaranth covers the lack that other grains cannot fill because it contains rich amino acids called lysine that are not present in many grains. In addition, it contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus and iron. Once extracted via Supercritical C02 extraction, Amaranth extract, is the leading natural, plant-based, and sustainable source of Squalene up to 8%. Overall, Amaranth Seed Extract contains high quality unsaturated fatty acids that make up the skin, (5 to 8% of vegetable Squalene) so it has great antioxidant effects, excellent efficacy and feel, and skin moisturizing and softening effects. It also helps maintain a healthy
stratum corneum.

Full Ingredients List: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Amaranth Seed Extract, Organic Rosehip Seed Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract