Ere Perez Eco Vegan Kabuki Brush

$2499 $3200

Ere Perez's all-star multipurpose vegan kabuki brush is a number one must-have beauty bag item. We love this because it works across so many different formulas from pressed powders, creamy products to loose powders.

With 3-in-1 versatility, it’s the ideal tool for optimum complexion coverage, daily use and handbags. The compact handle fits perfectly in your hand, while the brush head is big and bouncy! The bristles are so fluffy & soft it’s like getting a face cuddle.

With a wood handle and vegan bristles this kabuki is environmentally conscious too. 

This brush is compact with a cylindrical handle for easy use, to create a flawless look. Achieves optimum coverage with a soft head to gather powder and dust smoothly over the face.

What you'll love

  • Flat top kabuki brush
  • Vegan brush bristles;
  • Multipurpose for powders and creams

The same Kabuki you love – with an updated flat-top brush head. Perfect for the ultimate tool for flawless blending.


How to care for the Kabuki brush: 

  1. Wash with gentle soap, from base to the tip and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Gently reshape the brush and allow to air-dry on flat surface. Do not stand brush on its end to dry.

wood handle

Wood is a natural fibre and is one of the few renewable resources. It is preferable to using plastic as it is fully biodegradable. When used sustainably, wood is a great eco option for production.

nylon bristles

Nylon bristles are vegan and also more hygienic than ‘natural’ bristles harvested from animals because they don’t have cracks in the surface. They are more suitable for sensitive skin and won’t cause allergies to skin or eyes. Synthetic brushes are better because they are cruelty free and do not harm animals