Good Light: Chanukah Candles- 45 count - Downsizing

$500 $1600

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with GoodLight! With these plant-based, paraffin-free Chanukah candles, you can observe the Jewish holiday knowing that you're keeping the air in your home clean. They will burn bright for roughly 45 minutes, and should remain dripless as long as they are upright in the menorah and away from drafts. If dripping does occur, the palm wax will pop off any menorah surface easily.

•Available in white, blue & white, and rainbow

•Each pack contains 45 Chanukah candles

•Candle Size: 0.4” diameter x 4.5” high (please measure your menorah to make sure these will fit)

•Burn time = approximately 45 minutes

•The pigments used in our colored candles are non-GMO, vegan, and REACH compliant. These pigments comprise less than .75% of any given candle and are not considered hazardous to people or the environment.