Green and Lovely Organic Smell the Roses Cloth Diaper Wipe Spray - Rose Water Infused


Smell the Roses Natural Cloth Wipe Spray is a chemical free and gentle way to rid your baby's bum of dirt, grime, and those messy diaper changes. Simply spray it directly onto the dirty area and wipe clean (repeat if necessary). Smell the Roses Natural Cloth Wipe Spray is made with water, rose water (non synthetic and made from rose petals steeping in water), organic and unrefined coconut oil, organic saponified olive oil, organic saponified coconut oil, and witch hazel (alcohol free and plant derived). I do not use any essential oils in this formula, due to the risk of any harsh skin irritations if not diluted properly. The baby's bum is so delicate and needs to be treated that way!

Rosewater has such a delectable scent of a bouquet of fresh roses (without any artificial chemical packed scents) and is loaded with healing properties. Here are some fact about rosewater:

* Rosewater nourishes and hydrates the skin. It can be used to soothe acne and irritated skin types, eczema prone skin, and dermatitis.
* Rosewater is so gentle and can be used on newborns.
* Rosewater can aid in skin rejuvenation/regeneration.
* Rosewater helps even out the skin's pH.
* Rosewater can help reduce subtle scarring.

Smell the Roses Natural Cloth Wipe Spray is stored in a clear recyclable 9 oz recyclable bottle with a white spray nozzle and seal tight cap.

Other uses for this spray?
* Perfect for diaper bags!
* Can be used to clean any eating surface of dirt and grime. Just spray and wipe.
* Can be used to clean mom, baby, and children's hands and face. Just spray and wipe.